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Barter Boosts Branding and Bottom Line

Swap Stories | Jun 11th 2015, 14:30, by Swapsity

You only have 7 seconds to make a first impression, whether through your website or when networking. This is a story of two businesses and how their collaboration boosted their mutual revenues, branding and that very important first impression. Meet Kevin the Story Architect With thousands of presentations...

Kick-Starting Your Consulting Business on Barter

Small Business Barter | Sep 9th 2014, 17:57, by Swapsity

By Leyla Razeghi It all started at a networking event. My friend, Sean Damdar, and I are volunteer organizers for Cool Connections, and at one such event I mentioned to Sean that I needed branding and loved his work. Sean runs a full service creative agency and suggested an exchange of branding for help...

Two Entrepreneurial Toolkits Get a Sharp New Tool

Swap Stories | Aug 13th 2014, 15:21, by Swapsity

We love swap stories that illustrate how barter can connect two professionals and ultimately help them double their business or streamline operations. This particular story is about two talented Toronto entrepreneurs: Katie Shulist and Emily Schooley. Katie—a busy entrepreneur—owns an eco-friendly cleaning...

My Journey with Business Barter

Small Business Barter | Feb 12th 2014, 23:32, by Swapsity

By Patrick Bizindavyi Watching Dragons Den, one of my favourite TV shows, I can’t help laughing every time Kevin O’Leary (a.k.a Mr. Wonderful) says that business is only about making money. I agree that when someone starts a business, profit should be on their mind. However, I have to disagree...

Swapsity TEDx Talk

TED Talks | Dec 16th 2013, 20:45, by Swapsity

We love TED talks. They inspire, inform and spark insights. So, you can imagine our delight when our founder, Marta Nowinska, was chosen to present at TEDx, a TED-style event in Toronto to celebrate locally-driven ideas and elevating them to the global stage. Toronto born Swapsity was right at home within...