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  • What is Swapsity B2B?

    Swapsity B2B is a business-to-business community that enables you to barter professional services within the Greater Toronto Area.

  • How does Swapsity B2B work?

    We offer a personalized barter service for local entrepreneurs that matches you into mutually beneficial barter arrangements that grow your business without dipping into your precious cash reserves.

  • Can you share examples of trades you have arranged?

    Absolutely! Here are just a few of win-win exchanges we have facilitated:

    • We matched a holistic dentist who needed a new website with a WordPress-savvy professional, making business and smiles shine all around.
    • A social media influencer was paired up with a business model and marketing systems superstar, creating a win-win exchange between two pros.
    • We hooked up a storyteller-marketer with a professional image consultant duo. The collaboration boosted their mutual revenues, branding and that very important first impression.
    • Through our community, a client saved a few thousand dollars on office space for his team in exchange for graphic and web design.
    • We forged a barter relationship between a top-notch business consultant and a highly skilled administrative assistant.
    • A wordsmith received shiatsu massages, acupuncture and health consultations from a swap-savvy naturopathic doctor.
    • We connected a barter-friendly independent financial advisor with a seasoned branding expert.
    • We matched an accountant who needed a short promotional video with a creative filmmaker-storyteller.

  • Is Swapsity B2B the right fit for my barter needs?

    Swapsity B2B caters to barter-friendly, Toronto area entrepreneurs. Please review our fit assessment before you join.

  • What services can I find on Swapsity B2B?

    Our services centre around growing the success and well-being of our entrepreneurs. Here's the full list.

    Our Business Community

  • Is every member vetted?

    Yes. We care about building a safe, trustworthy, and reliable business bartering community for all members.

  • How do I value my trades?

    We'll help you with that! Swapsity B2B does all the heavy lifting so your business barters are easy and effortless.
  • Can I use barter to get incentives for my employees or perks for my team?

    Certainly! How often do you get to offer perks to your awesome team? Getting them on trade is a great way to retain top talent, say "thank you", as well as boost your team's productivity, open up health benefits and create incentives.

  • How much does the service cost?

    Swapsity B2B offers one-on-one expert assistance for each swap transaction. Becoming a member is currently free of charge. Our service fee for facilitating successful swaps among our members is between 5% -10% of the total cash value of your trade. Larger trades are charged a lower percentage. For example, the service fee for a trade valued at $5,000 is 5%. You only pay for successful swaps, and we will let you know the service fee for your exchange before you agree to trade. Detailed fees are available here. You can also visit our membership page to learn more about the value of joining.

  • What are the tax implications associated with business bartering?

    Treat your barter trades like you would your cash transaction. We provide helpful information on this subject right here.

  • Where can I find out more about the Barter Economy?

    You can watch our founder's TEDx Talk as well as check out Toronto Life’s feature story on the Barter Economy in Toronto.

  • How do I join?

    Introduce yourself on our homepage and we will get in touch to answer your questions. Or if you are ready to become a member, create your business account.