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 Core Values

  • Create Exponential Value
  • Embrace Abundance Mindset
  • Work from the "Zone of Genius"
  • Be Human-Focused
  • Wear a Holistic Lens
  • Win at the Inner and the Outer Game

 Meet Us

Swapsity B2B is the Canadian entrepreneur’s gateway to the modern Barter Economy.

We believe in creating value via win-win, long-term relationships.

Our ecosystem is a one-of-a-kind, personalized, concierge service curating win-win business barters among established entrepreneurs, creatives and wellness businesses.

We work closely with enterprising entrepreneurs forging strategic and meaningful business barter arrangements, 4 to 5 figures.

The Swapsity brand has served Canadians since 2006. We have received close to 100 media mentions, graced the TEDx stage, and will continue to connect Canadians via the Exchange Economy.


Swapsity B2B is an ever-growing ecosystem of Canadian entrepreneurs driven by 3 Ps: passion, purpose and profit. We create exponential value through synergistic collaborations in the win-win Barter Economy.

As conscious entrepreneurs, we work towards an aligned lifestyle for ourselves – one that’s congruent with our core values, core mission and our "zone of genius". We create from a deep place and use our business as a force for good.

Bringing together the magic of our entrepreneurs and mindfully harnessing the power of barters, we create a rich experience where all parties thrive, professionally and personally.