Why It Works

By joining, you access a caring concierge service that matches you with other Canadian barter-friendly businesses.

Trade with Trust

Trust is sacred to swap success, period.


Win-Win business barter is relationship-fed, never transaction-lead. Our members value reciprocity.

Curated & Vetted

Member pre-screening dove-tailed with trade curation saves your precious time. Each exchange is bolstered by one-on-one and all-in-one expert assistance.


We team up exceptional people into strategic, symbiotic and synergistic swaps.

Personalized Matchmaking

The match-making synergy of high-tech and high-touch unites technology and humanity, creating valuable connections.

Accountability & Agreements

Strong accountability and collaborative alignment serves all parties involved. Our Trade Tracker and Barter Agreements keep all parties accountable and honest.


We are tremendously grateful to work with exceptional and big-hearted entrepreneurs.

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 How Big Is the Barter Economy?

Barter is bigger than most people realize:

   Barter accounts for 30% of world’s total business

   65% of Fortune 500 companies barter

 Barter … is the secret of Switzerland's proverbial economic stability

Countries and corporations barter. Yet, barter is untapped by most entrepreneurs.

According to the Globe and Mail, business barter is one of the “most underutilized tools in the entrepreneur's tool belt”.

 Why Is Barter Good for My Business?

Barter works in tandem with cash. Why is barter beneficial?

64% of Canadian business owners are burdened with cash flow issues. With barter, you conserve precious cash by paying with your own services and staying clear of interest charges on your credit.

Barter brings new customers and interesting opportunities to you. As you deepen the relationships and prove your track record, barter clients can turn into cash clients and bring referrals.

When done well, reciprocal barter creates higher value than traditional transactions.

And, as a bonus, barter helps you manage your business cyclicality.

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