This is image for Step 1-Connecting of two hands connecting firmly.

Step 1 - Connecting

We start our relationship with a chat to ensure a mutual fit. When you are ready, we get your business set up in our ecosystem.

This is image for Step 2-Swap Strategy of two people having a conversation.

Step 2 - Swap Strategy

We look at the holistic picture of your business and strategize together how to utilize swaps to drive your personal and business success.

This is image for Step 3-Win-Win Match of finding a winning swap for you.

Step 3 - It's A Match!

Once we spot a win-win, value-for-value strategic and symbiotic match for you, we will reach out. We have systems in place to structure your swap.


 How Swapsity B2B Works

This is image of business owner shaking hands in agreement Swapsity B2B offers One-on-One and All-in-One expert assistance in curating your business trade transactions, so you can barter with confidence from start to finish.


Our One-on-One service provides you CRAFTed trades that are:


Working with us is like hiring an all-in-one:

So as a qualified member of Swapsity B2B you get ready access to an established ecosystem of local, like-minded and barter-friendly professionals.

How is this successful and safe ecosystem achieved?

 Service Fee

Our Successful Swap Service Rate ranges from only 3.5% to 12.5% of the total trade value.

Our Swapsity B2B Service fee is based on the applicable trade category rate (see below) and calculated based on the cash equivalent of your agreed-upon trade.

Since we do not charge any monthly or membership fee, you only pay when you agree to a trade we broker.

And we pass on the savings for larger trades with economies of scale, so you can benefit from a lower percentage rate.

Simply put, a $40,000 (aka an Epic Exchange) is only 3.5% on one end of the scale to a $2,000 (aka a Tiny Trade) is 12.5% to fairly reflect the effort required to create the foundation of a successfully CRAFTed trade.

The same fee structure applies to any renewed trades or ongoing, though we sweeten the deal with a discount on your invoice. Our thanks for your integrity and sense of fairness.

Happy bartering, entrepreneurs!