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Fri, May 8, 2020, by Swapsity

Our world has abruptly changed. Collectively and individually we are all feeling it. Extraordinary times invite deepening of mutual care and community collaboration.

As we brave the unknown territory, we will benefit from new tools along with reinventing old ones to assist in our journey. Win-win barter is an attractive, time-tested tool in a cash-crunched economy. At the same time, the greater the diversity of tools in our toolkits, the easier we can all thrive together, stay resilient, and use our unique abilities to help others.

To multiply the ways in which you flourish in this new reality, we have put together a resource list of 40 nuggets, including various resource hubs, for your entrepreneurial mind, body, emotions, heart, spirit, plus tools to protect your money.

We are making this into a “living list”. As you share your nuggets with us, we will add more resources for the community. Thank you for all your contributions!

Sharing COVID-19 tools: business barter, mind and
money resources.

MONEY (19)

  • Swapsity B2B > Business Barter > see link

One-of-a-kind, curated, win-win business barter community for Canadian entrepreneurs, creatives, and wellness businesses to exchange services in a trusted, collaborative way

It is now free for merchants to sell on Google

  • Digitial Main Street > Free Online Store > see link NEW!

Provides Toronto businesses and artists a quick, easy and no-cost way to get selling online right away

'Shark Tank's' Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary offer advice for small business owners

Robert Herjavec and Rohan Oza of 'Shark Tank' give advice to small business owners

  • GMA > Weathering the Financial Storm > see link

‘Shark Tank’s’ Barbara Corcoran shares financial advice amid coronavirus outbreak

  • Accenture > Human Experience > see link

Outlining 5 major implications of the pandemic on human experience for some time to come – the cost of confidence, the virtual century, every business is a health business, cocooning, the reinvention of authority

  • Startup Canada > Digital Resources > see link

Collection of 150+ resources for entrepreneurs

Financial support resources for businesses by the federal government

A collection of tools and tactics for startups to respond to the business impact of the pandemic

  • AMA > Support for the Marketing Community > see link

Curated resources for marketing professionals to navigate the fast-changing times

  • Magali De Reu > Seth Godin Interview > see link

Seth Godin shares his views about marketing in the time of corona and his thoughts on the virus

  • Seth Godin > Thoughts on Virus > see link

Ideas that might be relevant as we come to grips with a slowly unfolding tragedy and help plans each day

  • Government of Canada > Businesses > see link

Programs and services to support your business

  • Government of Canada > Finance Department > see link

Economic Response Plan

  • City of Toronto > BusinessTO Support Centre > see link

Assists businesses with applying for various government support programs and provides general business advice

BDC is providing resources for businesses through the current circumstances

  • Freshbooks > COVID-19 Business Resource Guide > see link

A collection of articles, interviews, and social resources to help business owners navigate the uncertainty and challenges surrounding COVID-19

  • Nomadic Advertising > Five Point Local Marketing Guide > see link NEW!

Introduction to internet marketing tactics to generate hundreds of new customers online

COVID-19 resources to help businesses stay strong in
times of crisis, uncertainty and tight cash.

MIND (10)

  • Tony Robbins and Sage Robbins > Being Resilient During Uncertain Times > see link

An unwavering message of resilience, strength and faith amidst uncertainty from the world’s #1 life and business strategist

  • Robin Sharma  > 5 Tactics The Greatest Leaders Use to Win in Crisis > see link

Five tactics for navigating the volatility and fireproofing your business

  • Robin Sharma  > The War Measure Manual > see link

The essential manual for victory at war

  • Dr. John Demartini > Coronavirus: Panic or Poise > see link

A clear message of focus on our entrepreneurial purpose, highest values and highest priorities and its role in boosting our immune system

  • Patrick Bet-David > Two Types of Leaders > see link NEW!

The differences between wartime leaders and peacetime leaders

  • Gaia > Transcendence Season 2 > see link NEW!

Transcendence 2 will help you understand how the power of your thoughts can shape your life, relationships and the world around you

  • Archangel Academy > Corona-Proof Your Business Master Lab > see link NEW!

Attracting dream clients, building community and tips to corona-proof your business

To help navigate challenging times, LinkedIn Learning is offering a variety of courses, productivity tools and resources for learning new skills

  • Harvard > Free Online Courses > see link

Harvard offering 64 free courses, including business that can be taken from home for free

  • Coursera > Plethora of free online courses and resources to grow our minds > see link

Free online learning, including business content, during the stay-home economy

BODY (2)

  • Bustle > 24 Free Live Stream Workouts & At-Home Workout App Trials > see link

A collection of fitness classes to live stream and workout app trials

  • 25+ Fitness Studios and Gyms Offering Live Stream Workouts During the Outbreak > see link

A round-up of best workout resources you can enjoy while at home

Navigate the uncertainty COVID-19 uncertainty and
challenge together through connection, collaboration
and sharing wisdom and best practices.


  • Mood Meter App > Build Emotional Intelligence > see link

A gift of self awareness for yourself, and for others. Based on decades of research from Yale

  • > Mental Health and Wellness> see link NEW!

Free mental and emotional health resources in Ontario


  • Esther Perel > Couples Under Lockdownsee link

Esther connects with couples under lockdown around the world

  • Esther Perel > The Art of Us: Love, Loss, Loneliness, and a Pinch of Humor Under Lockdown > see link

The four-part series on the new normal in the relational world under lockdown

  • The Moodie Davitt Report > Love in the time of Coronavirussee link

A regular column that curates examples of compassion and care for humanity during the pandemic by big brands

SOUL (4)

  • Google > Google Arts & Culture > see link

Explore artwork from over 2000 leading museums and archives from 80 countries at your fingertips

  • IDFA >  International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam online > see link

Nearly 800 IDFA films and projects are available in the collection, free or for a small contribution that goes directly to the filmmaker

  • The Top 100 Documentaries We Can Use to Change the World > see link

A library of 100 hand-picked documentaries intended to create transformative positive change in consciousness both at the personal and global levels

  • Julie Nolke > Canadian Comedian Talks to her "Past Self" > see link NEW!

Imagine your "Past Self" meeting your "Future Self" today and talking about the pandemic

Do you have a nugget? Pass it on!

COVID-19 Resources to Help Entrepreneurs, Businesses,
Founders Thrive and Transform

What is your favourite nugget on our list and why?

Share with us in the comments below.

Stay safe + stay strong!


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