Business Swapper Etiquette

Swapsity B2B is a hub for dependable barter-friendly professionals. We are committed to building a safe, trusted and enjoyable business community of entrepreneurs. Here's our swapper etiquette:

    Honour System

    • Swapsity B2B asks that members uphold the highest standards of business integrity and ethics when engaging in activities and work with Swapsity B2B, as well as when bartering with fellow members. The Honour System is in effect when participating in trades for all parties involved. Parties who disregard the Honour System will not be permitted to continue their activities in our community.


    • Straight swaps are very collaborative in nature. It is important to be responsive to your fellow swapper, communicate openly and respond promptly by phone, email or with face-to-face meetings.
    • We value courtesy and professionalism.
    • Kindly refrain from being salesy, Swapsity B2B is a bartering community.
    • When communicating with your swap partner, put yourself in the other person's shoes and take their needs into account.

    Spirit of Exchange

    • Barter in the spirit of creating win-win barter exchanges, sharing your strengths, adding value and growing mutual success.
    • Conduct all barter exchanges in the spirit of fairness and honesty.

    Barter Clients

    • Please treat barter clients the same as you would cash clients. Keep in mind, we ask for feedback from both parties after every transaction. If your barter client is wowed by your service, they might just offer to write you a fantastic testimonial!

    Meeting Etiquette

    • Please honour the commitment you made to meetings. Last minute changes may cause an inconvenience to your swap partner. Before you do need to reschedule a meeting, put yourself in the other person's shoes and please don't be cavalier about rescheduling. If there is a compelling reason to move your meeting, give your swap partner at least 2 days notice. If you have no choice but to reschedule last minute, connect personally on the phone to apologize. Reschedule the meeting time promptly and be as accommodative as possible. For example, you may to offer to meet them at their office to make it up for rescheduling so late and/or treat them to coffee.

    Exchange of Services

    • Once you have agreed to barter, please honour your agreement and complete the exchange within the mutually agreed timelines. Follow up with your swap partner if unforeseen circumstances cause a delay, make sure they are agreeable to any changes and connect with Swapsity B2B anytime you need help. Our Cancellation Policy governs any unplanned interruptions to trades.
    • We encourage you to trade at the same time, and to keep the value of each party's exchange similar.
    • Connect with Swapsity post-transaction to leave feedback for your fellow professional.
    • Inform us immediately if you experience problems with another member or need any assistance.


    • We care about your trades going effortlessly and ending fruitfully. Our learning from clients shows that keeping swaps within our ecosystem makes the trades continue to go smoothly. We ask all members to let us know when they wish to renew or extend their trades so we can set them up via Swapsity B2B for you. Our thanks for your integrity and sense of fairness.


    • Keep barter legal. Canada Revenue Agency treats business barter transactions in the same way as business cash transactions. It's your responsibility to record and report business trades on your own taxes. Further details can be found here.
    • In the spirit of keeping the integrity of the swapping ecosystem, we may regrettably be forced to remove any member who fails to honour our etiquette.

    Happy Bartering!

    The Business Exchange Etiquette was lasted edited on January 9, 2017. Write to us at with any concerns.