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As a Swapsity B2B member, you become part of a unique community of barter-friendly and like-minded Toronto entrepreneurs. We invite you to check out our quick assessment to ensure Swapsity B2B is the right fit for you.

Membership Value

With barter, you are no longer limited by cash flow to successfully grow your business. When you are connected to fellow business owners that are open to bartering, your business opportunities expand greatly. You can conserve your cash, meet collaborators and find new clients. The Globe and Mail calls business bartering "an unsung marketing tool" and one of the "most underutilized tools in the entrepreneur's tool belt."

Swapsity B2B offers a curated service that matches entrepreneurs into mutually beneficial barter arrangements with qualified local professionals (e.g. web developers, marketing experts). We make the process seamless and save your precious time by helping you find trades, facilitating the introduction and the arrangement of the barter exchange. All you have to do is say, "Yeah, let's trade!"


Joining Swapsity by adding your business profile is currently free of charge. When you register, you will be guided to submit your business contact information, the services you are offering, the services you are seeking, and your credentials. We do all the heavy lifting and get in touch with you as soon as we spot a win-win barter opportunity for your business.

What if I have a successful swap?

Our service fee for facilitating successful swaps is between 5-10% of the total cash value of your trade, as detailed here. We charge 5% for Big Barters, 7.5% for Standard Swaps and 10% for Tiny Trades. Larger trades are charged a lower percentage.

For example, if you receive legal services that are valued at $5000 (the cash economy equivalent), our service fee for finding and facilitating your entire exchange is 5%. Plus, each business owner receives one-on-one assistance. We introduce you to your swap partners and facilitate your barter arrangements. Curating each trade maximizes your benefits while minimizing your expense. We also track post-transaction feedback from your fellow swapper to build your track record in the community.

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