Service Fee

Swapsity B2B offers One-on-One and All-in-One expert assistance in curating your business trade transactions, so you can barter with confidence from start to finish.


Our One-on-One service provides you CRAFTed trades that are:


Working with us is like hiring an all-in-one:

And an all-star cheerleading squad rooting for your success!

So as a qualified member of Swapsity B2B you get ready access to an established ecosystem of local, like-minded and barter-friendly professionals.

How is this successful and safe ecosystem achieved?

Our Successful Swap Service Rate ranges from only 3.5% to 12.5% of the total trade value.

Our Swapsity B2B Service fee is based on the applicable trade category rate (see below) and calculated based on the cash equivalent of your agreed-upon trade.

Since we do not charge any monthly or membership fee, you only pay when you agree to a trade we broker.

And we pass on the savings for larger trades with economies of scale, so you can benefit from a lower percentage rate.

Simply put, a $40,000 (aka an Epic Exchange) is only 3.5% on one end of the scale to a $2,000 (aka a Tiny Trade) is 12.5% to fairly reflect the effort required to create the foundation of a successfully CRAFTed trade.

The same fee structure applies to any renewed trades or ongoing, though we sweeten the deal with a discount on your invoice. Our thanks for your integrity and sense of fairness. More on that below.

*Notes on Service Fee

  • Trades entail mutual accountability. As such, both interested parties pay the fee. The service fee percentages listed above are chargeable separately from each party involved.

  • We set up swap relationships at least three months long.

  • For trades under the value of $2,000, a flat fee of $250 applies to each party.

  • Renewal of all trade (should both parties desire to extend the collaboration beyond initial agreement) is done via Swapsity B2B.

  • The above rates apply to all trade extensions and ongoing swap relationships, though we factor in a special discount. The fee reduction depends on the scope of changes to your renewed trade terms and we will always let you know of the cost before you proceed.

**Notes on Add-on Services:

  • Requests for urgent trades are charged extra. When swap matches are requested and found within 5 business days, an additional flat fee of $50 applies.

  • Special requests for “off menu” matches (see the menu here) that require us to source a match for you outside of our current membership, are charged extra $25 plus 2.5% of the total cash equivalent of your trade.

We will contact you when we find a win-win trade opportunity for your business and will advise you of the service fee before you proceed with your exchange.

Our service fee is payable by both bartering parties within 3 business days of receiving an invoice from us.

Happy bartering, entrepreneurs!